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Some studies show that phone sex is therapy. If you think about it, you can agree no more. There is a person on the other line paid to encourage and listen without distraction. As you know, women have close girlfriends to listen to and for support. Unfortunately, men do not. Since sex is a stress relief, the conversation can refresh your body and mind. However, most wives are jealous of these conversations and have dubbed them as a form of cheating.

happy couple flirting at restaurant tableDating cougars (older women) or settling down with younger men is not a big deal anymore.

Many couples of this kind is happily married together.If there are older men who date a young girl, cougars can do the same thing. They can use their power to date younger men and there's no big difference, after all.

Is dating an older girl normal?There are possible reasons why cougars are in love with young men, whether for friendship, love, sex, or marriage. There are also things older women should learn when younger man dates with them.

Things to do when dating younger men

Allow your ego to feel the boost. For an older woman separated from a husband, having a date with a young guy is an ego booster for her. Cougars feel proud that someone likes her and enjoys her company.

Get the younger guys; they are prohibited fruit. Today's society cannot encourage much for an older-women younger-man's relationship. What is normal for both genders is to rebel and pursue what seems to be prohibited or forbidden. Younger men are appetizing fruit forbidden to be eaten, but not by cougars.

Remember, there is no baggage, no heartbreak and no regrets. The main concept why you are dating a younger man is to be happy momentarily and not to settle down and create a family. Both of you are two bodies spending nights together with great excitement and fun. Older women should feel very cool with younger guys because they have no baggage like an ex - wife to trouble them. Since the relationship is often a fling, no broken heart and no regrets to follow. old2

Pick a younger man who is vivacious and fresh-looking. Younger men have a different outlook compared to the older counterparts. You know it well that these guys have the youthful stamina for life. They can endure longer without losing their power.

Get someone you can dictate and nurture. This is particularly true for women who lost their husband caused by separation or death. Most likely, women used to have a caring husband for them and suddenly that spouse disappeared. Women find a good match for themselves once they have found a young man. Guys also help in sustaining the mothering nature in women.

old4Feel fully energized. Old women can find new interesting things in life by dating younger men, from the twenties to thirties. You need to be ready for everything and keep the mind of the younger man open wide. Be agreeable to experience new activities with the man whether it is exploring or doing something in the bed.

Don't feel intimidated or feel uncomfortable. If you're married and you have also married friends at your age, you can experience criticism and disapproval. They may say negative things about your younger lover. Don't be disturbed and be dissuaded. Keep your dating relationship with the young man. If you think you're very comfortable dating someone younger than you are, despite his age, it is none of their business