Is Dating an Escort Safe?

escIs dating an escort safe? Well, many people tend to ponder over this question time and again, without getting a very clear answer. First, it is important to understand that for all purposes and intents, escorts should be considered very high-risk partners. High-risk partners are categorized as those individuals who are predisposed to very risky sexual behaviors such as having many sexual partners. Such predisposition might be as result of the nature of individual’s occupation such as escorts, call girls or even strippers. Apart from this, it could be occasioned by the nature of an individual’s behavior which can simply be termed as ��voluntary promiscuity’.

Be that as it may, it’s indeed not safe for one to date escorts as they fall under the category of high-risk partners. This is because they are highly likely to predispose you to the dangers that they have already exposed themselves to. A typical escort usually has an itinerary that basically calls on them to provide company to as many, different clients as possible. This is intended to not only bring more money to the company, but to the escort as an individual.

The diversity of escort-companies’ clients ranges from their ages with some of them being old, middle aged and young men to their sexual behaviors which ranges from average behavior to extreme promiscuity. Escorts’ clientele diversity implies that most escorts often get more sex offers than the average person and therefore likely to engage in sex with very different strangers. The worst part is that in most cases, such escorts aren’t in a better position to carefully ascertain their partners’ sexual behavior or history. In the end, they are predisposed to all forms of sexually transmitted infections including HIV, syphilis or even Chlamydia. So is dating an escort safe?

There is only one defining nature of most escort clients, despite their diverse and atesc3 times sophisticated characteristic. Most of these clients, who finally become the sexual partners of the escorts, are more often than not deep pocketed persons. This is supported by the fact that an average escort service is indeed a very expensive affair and as such, only those with huge wallets can spend on the service. On the other hand, most if not all escorts, are in the game to make as much as money as possible.

Is dating an escort safe? With this argument in mind, anyone hoping to date an escort can be able to come up with the most appropriate and clear response to that question.

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